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Thanks for visiting our site. We have recently posted our calendars for this year. The calendars are easily accessible by choosing the calendar menu option above. Below is a list of the Classes we offer.


Below is a list of the classes offered in the classroom. Additional classes may be available upon request. Please contact us for more information.



Agency Related Classes

Buyer Agency – Listing the Buyer - 26059

One of the real estate industry’s hottest topics, buyer representation is on the rise in virtually every real estate community in the nation. Many consumers shopping for a home are requesting the services of real estate experts who represent them exclusively. Additionally, many brokers are experiencing renewed and acute interest in buyer representation as a result of Georgia’s BRRETA law and the demands of major companies’ relocation directors.


Seller Agency – Listing the Seller - 38515

Why should a seller list their home with you and if they do list with you what are your duties to the seller? Includes and in-depth look at the three forms that can be used when working with sellers.


Responsibilities of the Real Estate Professional - 28823

A look at the professional responsibilities of the real estate professional according to the Laws and Rules of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, and current changes in its Laws and Rules.


Things You Can Co to Limit Your Liability – 39860

We will examine 30 plus things you can easily do to change your everyday habits and seriously reduce your liability in today’s litigious society. We will look at things in general, when working with sellers and working with buyers. The course includes letters that you can use with buyers or sellers. The course also includes a discussion of what RESPA allows agents to receive from lenders and title companies.



Risk Reduction Related Classes

Antitrust - 28843

Defines antitrust compliance and office compliance programs. Describes potential violations, which may occur when a licensee interacts with a client or customer, competitor, or service provider.  Discusses appropriate actions to eliminate these violations.


Fair Housing Seminar  - 26054

Summarizes current law.   Describes protected classes, violations, penalties, and prohibited practices. Addresses and responds to discriminatory behavior by sellers and buyers. The class includes the new NAR video that focuses on timely fair housing topics and the complex issues presented by fair housing regulations.


Handling Earnest Money - 28814

Addresses both the legal and practical considerations of dealing with earnest money and other forms of trust funds. Discusses unusual forms of Earnest Money and how to handle them. We will also discuss Rental Property owned by Agents and the rules on proper handling of rent and security deposits.


Mortgage Fraud: 29 Ways - 45327

Taken from the case files of the U.S. Attorney’s office see the many ways the unsuspecting real estate agent can become involved in mortgage fraud. Using examples and actual cases you can see the consequences of not knowing about mortgage fraud. 


Property Disclosure - 26052

Provides an understanding of the legal duties regarding property disclosures. The student will be able to avoid liability for failing to provide the proper and adequate disclosure.  It enhances the quality of their service to the public by providing to prospective purchaser’s complete and accurate descriptions of the features and conditions of the properties they market.


Topics to Hot to Handle - 45063

Do not call, fax, e-mail – Advertising – RESPA - Do not smoke - Mortgage fraud - Agents' rental properties - License # on contracts - Kickbacks to buyers & sellers - Disclosure of previous inspections - Handling multiple offers.



Contract Related Classes

 GAR Contract Course – 53823
Using the current edition of the GAR contracts the course looks at each paragraph of the contract. This course concentrates on the details of filling in the GAR contracts. Areas covered include: legal descriptions; sewer/septic & public water; title; brokerage; agency disclosure; wood infestation reports; earnest money; destruction of property; agency disclosure; closing and possession; and more.


Contracts 101– 6 hours - 45324

A more in depth look a GAR’s Purchase and Sale Agreement. Discuss common problems in the completion of the Contract. Using the current edition of the GAR contracts the course looks at each paragraph of the contract. This course concentrates on the details of filling in the GAR contracts. Areas covered include: legal descriptions; sewer/septic & public water; title; brokerage; agency disclosure; wood infestation reports; earnest money; destruction of property; agency disclosure; closing and possession; and more.


Exhibits and Amendments - 26051

This class examines in depth about 30 exhibits, amendments, and miscellaneous forms normally used to complete the contract and produce a closing.


Special Stipulations – 38516

Learn the 6 rules for writing good special stipulations. Practice these rules on common special stipulations usually written badly.


Missing Contract Deadlines Can Cost YOU – 45326

During this WORKSHOP we will identify the different dates that buyers and sellers may be required to comply with, in the current GAR Purchase and Sale Agreement. We will discuss the difference between acceptance date and binding agreement date. We will consider the consequences of missing dates such as the Notice to Terminate date.


Commercial Forms – 37297

The course reviews the 19 commercial forms that are part of the GAR forms package


Finance Related Classes

Real Estate Financing - 28821

Do you know about recent changes to major finance programs? Do you understand the different financing instruments and the lending process.


Real Estate Finance Using the H. P. 12 C Calculator - 26058

Solving financial problems using the H. P. 12 C calculator. Includes calculating payments, mortgage amounts, future value, interest rates, previous value, and amortizing a mortgage.


Confident Closings – 6 hours - 28837

In depths look at the HUD1 Uniform Disclosure and Settlement Statement. During the course the student will practice completing all parts of the HUD1  


Investment Fundamentals of Real Estate - 45325

The student must be able to describe the meaning of investment terminology, be able to evaluate the characteristics of an investor and be able to judge which type of investment is best for the investor.


FHA Finance - 28847

Provides the student an in-depth review of how to qualify the buyer and explain the various FHA programs, special stipulation for contracts and characteristics of a FHA mortgage


VA Finance - 24381

Increase your market potential by learning specifics of VA financing.  Topics include eligibility fees, how to qualify the buyer, special stipulations for contracts and various VA programs.  In-depth qualifying will be covered.




Guilty or Innocent – You Decide: Real Georgia Cases - 45328

This course is more like a workshop than a class, where you get to be the judge and jury! Actual real estate cases are brought straight from the courtroom into the classroom. The cases are presented, then the floor is opened up for group discussion. Weigh in with your opinion and find out if your verdict matches the actual judgment.

  • Examine 15 recent court decisions and see how they affect the way we do business. 
  • Students can apply these decisions to improve their business practices.

Prospecting & Marketing - 28820

Where do your buyers and sellers really come from and how do you find more. Includes the basics of personal marketing.


The Comparative Market Analysis vs. Appraisal - 38513

Will enhance the student’s efficiency in preparing a Comparative Market Analysis. Looks at online sources of information. Examines steps to follow when completing the market analysis. 


Code of Ethics-Continuing Education - 28424

NAR’s Quadrennial Member Education Program. Given interactive learning methods such as case studies or group discussion of fact scenarios the student will be able to identify possible violations of the Code of Ethics.  


My Money? Or Your Money? Who is Procuring Cause – 53822

Based on NAR’s 6 factors for consideration by arbitration hearing panels. The student will be able to describe the different procuring cause factors, judge which factors apply to a case, and decide who will be entitled to the commission.